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Cabin Run Covered Bridge: Bucks County

Mary Sand Studio
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  Machu Picchu, my Trakehner gelding  
Cabin Run Bridge, Central Bucks County
Machu Picchu
Mary lives in the heart of beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania where she finds inspiration with the stunning surroundings the county offers. Below are her retired Hanoverian gelding Ami, her Trakhner Machu Picchu, an adopted pony called Lightning, pygmy goats Sassy and Sully.  
Machu Picchu with best friend Janine Klein                

Machu and dear friend Janine Klein

My beautiful Ami
  Ami and Lightning   Mary with Sassy and Sully Ami ridden by Dr. Ursula von der Leyen  
Ami and Lightning
Mary with Sassy & Sully
Ami ridden by Ursula von der Leyen

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